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What is forest bathing?

During a forest bath you will experience the Finnish nature with all your senses. The qualified guide gently guides you to an overall feeling of well-being and reduced stress in the wonderful nature of Hanko. We move slowly through the nature and practice mindful presence. Originating in Japan, Shirin Yoku, or forest bathing lowers heart rate and blood pressure, reduces stress, boosts the immune system.

Modern research gives us the evidence we already know from our own experience; spending time in nature makes us relax and feel good. We humans simply need to spend time walking along soft forest trails, gathering shells on the beach and having time to breathe by the open horizon.

Did you know that every handful of soil contains more living organisms than there are humans on our planet? We are all a part of a bigger context. Pine trees, hegdehogs, dandellions and beaches are all a part of this network. We all belong to the nature, and spending time in the nature boosts our health.

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Forest bathing for everyone

A guided forest bath is the perfect way to boost your wellbeing and enhance your health with the help of nature. There is no restrictions, forest bathing is suitable for everybody. Especially suitable for schools and groups looking for an outdoor activity.

To attend a forest bath you do not need any special gear, and most definitly not a bathing suit. Layers are the best choice for staying warm in cold weather. During the forest bath we will make short walks but also stay still for periods of time.

When and where can I try forest bathing?

Forest bathing is available year around in Hanko and by prior arrangement also at other places.

Date: Forest bathing is available year around. For current dates please check NEWS or follow Outdoor Happiness on Facebook.
Price: Duration is 1 hour, price 25 € /person.
Groups: Forest bathing is available for groups year around by prior arrangement. Please get in touch!