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Outdoor Happiness

Outdoor Happiness wants to be an inspiration for a good expeciences outdoors. We should all spend more time in nature, during all seasons; a good life is a life in harmony with nature. For less stress and more wellbeing.

Hanko is situated on the southernmost peninsula of the the Finnish mainland. Here Outdoor Happiness enjoys the marvellous maritime nature. Sea Kayaking, trailbiking, dips in the sea, open fire cooking and outdoor skills is on our agenda, but more than this, we enjoy those countless serene moments by the sea and the ever changing horison.

Welcome to our Nature!

Sea Kayaking in Hanko

Outdoor Happiness is your local guide for a perfect Sea Kayaking experience in Hanko. Your local guide will give you the best tips for a self guided tour or offer guided tours suitable for everyone. You can choose to rent a singel or a tandemkayak, and go experience the uniqe nature in Hanko by kayak. The season for Sea Kayaking the amazing Baltic Sea is from May until the end of September, depending on current weather conditions.

Forest Bathing

Are you missing slow walks along the seashore, the smell of the ocean or moments in the lush green of the forest. We have created a society with a chronik nature defiency. A good life consists of living in harmony with nature and the seasons. We simply need to recreate our relation with nature.

Nature is a source of power; more time in nature results in increased wellbeing. A guided Forest Bath will help you to find a deeper connektion with the nature, simply by being present, listening and feeling the wind on your cheek. <3