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My name is Ilse Klockars, I am an journalist and a nature- and wilderness guide based in Hanko, Finland. My company Outdoor Happiness has an ambition to inspire everybody to spend more time outdoors during all seasons. I educate outdoor skills and offer different kind of activities, but I also strongly emphasising the role of our nature as a source for wellbeing.

Education and skills

  • Wilderness- and natureguide (Axxell)
  • Sea Kayak Guide BCU 3 Star, Melontaohjaaja, EPP3 (Euro Paddle Pass)
  • Alpine ski instructor
  • Advanced Wilderness First Aid (NOLS)
  • Green Care -studies, (Centria,  University of Applies Sciences) 5 op.
  • Certified Forest bathing guide, Finland
  • Current biology studies at Uppsala university in Sweden

You are welcome to get in touch! I´m happy to answer any questions and hope to be able to create an unforgettable experience in the uniqe nature at Hankoniemi peninsula! <3


Outdoor Happiness (2841314-9)

Ilse Klockars
Phone: +358 (0)40 5233 032

The pictures on this site are among others credited to the following talented photographers:

Johanna Sandin, Peter Lundqvist, Stefan Randström