Sea-Kayaking mit Ilse von Outdoor Happiness. Drei Stunden sind wir von Bucht zu Bucht gepaddelt. Vorbei an kleinen Inseln, rosa Granitfelsen und Wäldern. Einfach W O W !!!
I enjoyed it so much going Kayaking with you today! I’ll be back next year – I promise. ”

Katrin Lehr, Viel Unterwegs, reiseblogger

Having a blast kayaking with Katrin Lehr along the northern shore of Hankoniemi peninsula!
Picture from Katrin Lehr, check out her blog Viel Underwegs!


“Then, if that wasn’t enough activity for a day, we headed out with Ilse Klockars (an amazing guide) on some mountain bikes in the local forest. Who knew mountain biking was so tough?! I can certainly say that it was out of my comfort zone! That being said, I loved the challenge. It allowed me to get right into the depths of the forest and to ride alongside the ocean. Ilse took us to some incredible hidden spots with stunning views over the ocean. Plus it meant that we earnt ourselves a big dinner!”

Zanna Van Dijk, travel and fitness blogger on ZannaVanDijk

Fat biking with Zanna and Mollie along beautiful trails in the forests surrounding Hanko.


” If you want to try mountain biking or kayaking, I highly recommend getting in contact with Ilse Klockars. She is incredible. Ilse is Finnish, lives locally and lives and breathes the Finnish outdoor culture. ”

Mollie Bylett, travel blogger on Where’s Mollie.

Kayaking with Mollie and Zanna on the south side of the Hankoniemi Peninsula in chrystal clear water. Picture: Mollie Bylett.


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